Hola! My name is Karinee Lopez, and I would like to WELCOME you!  Throughout my wellness journey, I have learned that nothing in life happens by pure coincidence. We are meant to learn from every experience you are given either good or bad. You are here because you are meant to be either now or later.

I have dedicated this space to help those that need to break free from past life and family traumas, break free from the pain of chronic illnesses, and looking to connect with their TRUE SELF.

It has taken time and work to navigate myself out of self-doubt and self-sabotaging world to be able to surface and offer my help and show that it can be done!

I want to share my wellness journey not only on the physical state but on the emotional, mental and spiritual level to inspire you and help you take that leap because you want to make that change in your life. I will be sharing my journey healing from endometriosis, what I have learned throughout and more.

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