Alt Summit: Recap

If you follow me on Instagram you might have heard me talk about Alt Summit already but here is a quick recap of my experience as I attended for the first time. Alt Summit is a week-long conference for influencers, bloggers, women entrepreneurs and creatives. Offering workshops, inspirational lectures, crafting areas, brand meetups, and amazing keynote speakers, this year opening keynote was Joanna Gaines.

Speakers at Alt Summit

I was invited to this event by WeAllGrowLatina for being part of their collective group Changemakers which is a community for Latinas entrepreneur. When I first learned about this opportunity I was extremely excited and full of emotions (Read up on my last blog post why). Nonetheless, I knew I had to attend!

Given the popularity of this event, I had very high expectations of it (I didn’t follow my own rule on this one). It was their 10th Alt Summit and this year was different than years before because the event was being held in 4 different hotels in Palm Springs, California which were The Saguaro, The ACE, The Parker (my favorite), and The Riviera compared to one location.

The Saguaro Hotel
The Parker Hotel

The Good

Upon arriving to Palm Springs, I loved it! Yes, it’s desert climate but around this time the heat was not brutal. It was picturesque or “instagrammable” as some might call it. Think Cacti, mountains, and lots of color and character. Shuttle buses were provided to move from and to the hotels to attend workshops. An app was provided this year to be able to manage the extensive schedule of workshops that were available, from IG stories to SEO optimation to Crafts. With brands and sponsors such as Alaska Air, WordPress, Constant Contact, AmazonHome, and many more, there was something to do at every corner!

Photo prop by Constant Contact
Alaska Air

When it was time for eating, there were drinks at the Saguaro hotel provided by LaCroix which was very refreshing for the climate and water throughout the event. Lunch Vouchers were given to a redeem at a specific hotel and time slot.

The summit was not just workshops, there was fun involved as well! Yoga sessions in the mornings, meetups in the evening, and my favorite tours! I was able to do the Door Tour of Palm Springs which was an inspiration for home decor for myself!

Alt Oasis provided by

The Bad

Being that it was a big event there were a couple of hiccups. A major hiccup for me was the shuttle bus. Since I didn’t rent a car, taking a shuttle was the best bet and I felt I spent a lot of time in transportation and missed a couple of workshops that I really wanted to attend to. Also the lunch vouchers were a bit of an inconvenience because if you happen to be at a different hotel than what you were given you ran the chance of missing out on lunch (which happened to me a couple of times).

This event can turn even an extrovert into an introvert! TALK ABOUT SENSORY OVERLOAD! I loved meeting all the amazing ladies but by the end of the day, I was completely exhausted from all the interaction and learning (not a bad thing though).

The Overall

I would say that the highlight of this event for me was the people I met. For one part I was able to host a meetup with the Latinas attending Alt which allowed me to connect with strong and amazing women that share my background. I was able to realize that my Latina roots are much more important to me than what I thought. Meeting women that have conquered fear, failure, and still kicking ass was very empowering and encouraging to say the least. The knowledge I gained by attending Alt is something that I will never forget and that it’s priceless.

I hope I had given you enough insight into this particular event or other summits especially if you are looking to build a brand.

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